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Ants may be small, but they’re one of the biggest pest problems. They quickly spread, colonies grow, and they’re extremely difficult to get rid of without the help of an ant exterminator. DIY ant control is never reliable, and ignoring the signs of a problem can let the infestation grow. For that reason, it’s important to call an ant exterminator when you notice the signs of an infestation. At Pest Defense Solutions, we have a unique knowledge of the ant problems faced by El Paso residents and know how to get rid of ants. We can help protect you, your family, and your home year-round.

How to Get Rid of Ants

When it comes to ant control, DIY solutions never provide a long-lasting solution. Our team will inspect your home for what may be contributing to the ant issue before implementing methods to get rid of the ants. Some of the steps our ant exterminators will take include:

  1. A thorough inspection of your property
  2. Identification of the ant species you’re dealing with
  3. A treatment plan to control the ants using effective, state-of-the-art products
  4. A customized prevention plan to avoid future ant problems

Why You Need an Ant Exterminator

Even though they are a nuisance and may contaminate surfaces, most types of ants aren’t a huge threat to humans or properties. Carpenter ants and fire ants, however, pose a bit more of a threat. Fire ants are infamous for being more aggressive and may sting when threatened or if their nest is disturbed. Carpenter ants live and tunnel through wood, and can hollow out structures when they aren’t caught and controlled in a timely manner. For these reasons, it’s crucial to always get help from a professional. 

Best Exterminator for Ants in El Paso

Ant infestations are a fact of life in Texas, but they don’t have to be a constant problem in your home! To stop an infestation in its tracks or to it’s always best to enlist the help of an ant exterminator. Pest Defense Solutions is El Paso’s leading ant control company and offers fast, convenient services from our trained technicians. Get a free quote on our ant removal today!

When to Call an Ant Exterminator in El Paso TX

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