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What to Do if You’re Bitten by a Snake

While most snake species are harmless, it’s important to treat a snake bite very seriously unless you are 100% sure the snake is not venomous. Texas home to many venomous snakes such as the Cottonmouth, Copperhead, Mojave Rattlesnake, Western Rattlesnake, and Harlequin Coral Snake. The good news is that while up to 8,000 people are bitten by venomous snakes in the U.S. each year, less than ten are typically fatal. Here’s what you should do immediately if you are bitten by a snake.

What NOT to Do

You may have seen snake bites treated in Hollywood movies with tourniquets or suction, but these methods do not have any value and they can do more harm than good. Do not:

  1. Apply ice. Research has found this can be harmful.
  2. Apply a tourniquet. A tourniquet can restrict blood flow and may cause you to lose your limb.
  3. Cut the wound
  4. Try to suck out the venom
  5. Try to capture the snake. It is not necessary to catch the snake for identification; this will probably result in more bites. Simply try to remember the color and pattern of the snake.

What to Do After a Snake Bite

If possible to do so safely, try to identify the snake by remembering its colors and pattern, or take a picture with your phone. Get away from the snake immediately and remove any restrictive clothing or jewelry on the limb because the bite may cause swelling. Do not wait for symptoms to appear; get to a hospital as quickly as possible.

Remain as calm as prattlesnake-pest-defense-solutionsossible and remember that the vast majority of snake bites are not fatal, even when the snake was non-venomous. You can use a sling or splint on the bitten limb to restrict movement until you can seek treatment. Minimize movement if you can. If possible, lie down while keeping the bite at body level. Raising the bite can make the venom travel faster into your body while holding it lower than your body can increase swelling in the limb.

The most important thing you can do is get to the hospital right away. Today’s antivenom medications are far more effective than anything you can do, and they can help you avoid long-term consequences from the bite.

At the hospital, you will likely be observed for at least eight hours. The swelling around the bite may be measured to track progress and serve as a guide for administering an antivenom. A doctor will consider the snake species (when known), how fast swelling progresses, coagulation problems, and more to determine if you should receive antivenom.

While most snake species are harmless, it’s important to treat a snake bite very seriously unless you are 100% sure the snake is not venomous. Texas home to many venomous snakes such as the Cottonmouth, Copperhead, Mojave Rattlesnake, Western Rattlesnake, and Harlequin Coral Snake. The good news is that while up to 8,000 people are bitten by venomous snakes in the U.S. each year, less than ten are typically fatal. Here’s what you should do immediately if you are bitten by a snake.

What NOT to Do

You may have seen snake bites treated in Hollywood movies with tourniquets or suction, but these methods do not have any value and they can do more harm than good. Do not:

  1. Apply ice. Research has found this can be harmful.
  2. Apply a tourniquet. A tourniquet can restrict blood flow and may cause you to lose your limb.
  3. Cut the wound
  4. Try to suck out the venom
  5. Try to capture the snake. It is not necessary to catch the snake for identification; this will probably result in more bites. Simply try to remember the color and pattern of the snake.

If you are known to have been bitten by a coral snake, you will be given antivenom immediately for a better outcome. Coral snakes do not cause local tissue damage, but their bite can result in neurological or respiratory symptoms hours after a bite if not treated promptly.

If you are having a snake problem and you need a professional to exterminate the problem, then call the best pest control company in El Paso Texas, Pest Defense Solutions at (915) 591-2847

Pest Defense Solutions Office in El Paso

January 20, 2016, El PasoPest Defense Solutions El Paso, the premiere pest control services company, has announced the opening of their office in El Paso, Texas. It is a welcome announcement for many of the residents of the city, as the area is known as an ideal environment for many types of pests.

“Part of the reason why we call El Paso home is that it’s a great city with great people, and we love the rich cultural heritage, the abundant sunshine, and the low crime,” admits Jacob Hatch, who owns Pest Defense Solutions. “But at the same time, pests and bugs love the city too, because the warm climate and the sprawling neighborhoods offer a perfect home for these pests.”

It is the unmistakable presence of these pests that have already made Pest Control Solutions a well-known brand name among many of the businesses and residents of the city.

“Many of our clients are food facilities such as restaurants, because this is a commercial setting in which routine pest control is crucial,” reveals Hatch. “Our El Paso pest control methods aren’t just effective, but they’re also safe for places in which food is prepared for people.”

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities also pose a unique challenge for pest control. Although pests can spread disease, application of insecticides is restricted as these substances can contaminate sterile environments and can also pose a health risk to patients.

“For hospitals, we employ what we call Integrated Pest Management, which regards the use of pesticides as a last resort,” explains Hatch. “Instead, we start with inspection, monitoring, and communication with clients so that we can improve conditions that are conducive to pest infestations.”

The company also handles a lot of pest control problems for many of the offices in El Paso.

“Of course, we also have a lot of clients who want us to take care of their pest problems in the office, because employees don’t usually bother with the issue and they may even contribute to the problem,” says Hatch. “Many offices also have design features that make it easy for pests to come in and take residence, such as drop ceilings that let pests come in unnoticed, and lots of doors and windows that are kept open during most of the work day.”

Pest Defense Solutions also helps out many residents with their pest infestation issues. The company focuses on the exterior so that interior solutions are minimized, they do a “power spray service” at every visit, and they use ERA-registered pesticides.

“We’re always concerned about customer satisfaction, which is why we offer a guarantee for our work,” Hatch points out. “We offer a 30-day guarantee after a treatment, and for our recurring clients we return and re-treat a pest problem for free when it comes up between regularly scheduled appointments.”

About Company: Pest Defense Solutions – El Paso is a prominent pest control exterminator service company in Texas, and it is led by owner Jacob Hatch. It is located at 6425 Boeing Dr, Suite D8, El Paso, TX 79925. For more information, call (915) 591-2847 or go online to https://elpaso.pestdefensesolutions.com.

Insects Used As Pest Control on Other Insects

Technology in just about everything is advancing faster than we can keep up. Today insects are being breed in one country to be used in another.

The great thing about this is that the chemicals that are needed are reduced significantly so that in the end, we as consumers of these products are eating less of the chemicals and the product is absorbing less.

With this one process below, they are using 80% less chemicals by using the insects for the pest control and it seems to be working good.

Over the next year, BioBee Biological Systems at Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu in northern Israel will ship some 600 million specially bred predatory mites to farmers in Colombia as a natural form of pest control.

Using the Phytoseiulus persimilis, the most effective natural predator of Tetranychus urticae (red spider mite), will allow the farmers to reduce the amount of pesticides they use by up to 80 percent and thus meet standards for exporting their produce to other countries.

The BioPersimilis predatory mite works well against mites that attack peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, beans, maize, cucumber, melon, strawberries, eggplant and ornamental flowers such as roses. This top-selling two-millimeter-long, pear-shaped creature is used by most of California’s strawberry farmers, comprising BioBee’s the single largest market.

via Colombian farmers welcome Israeli bugs for pest control

Give a watch to the video below and learn how these bugs are being used for a pest defense for a variety of different products.

Right now this is being used in Ca and is working good.

It is just facinating how technology no matter what the industry is always changing, just amazing.

Everything About Pigeons – They Can Be a Pain In The Rear


Wild or feral pigeons are considered the greatest bird pest in the United States and are sometimes even viewed as vermin as they can spread disease. While pigeons rarely spread disease to humans, the birds can carry other pests like ticks, lice, and fleas. A single pigeon can produce 25 pounds of guano per year which damages property. Pigeon guano is highly corrosive and it has been found to accelerate the deterioration of buildings and statues. Pigeon droppings can also harbor harmful fungus. Pigeons are perfectly adapted to living among people in cities as our buildings offer great roosts that mimic the cliffs on which pigeons naturally build their nests.


Pigeons or Rock Doves are one of the most common birds in the United States. A pigeon can be up to 11 inches tall and weigh around 13 ounces. These birds are usually gray in color with a whitish rear and two black bars on the wings with a black band on the tail.


flock-of-pigeons-pest-control-El-Paso-TxPigeons are monogamous birds that are generally dependent upon humans to provide food and nesting sites. Pigeons may be found in agricultural areas as well as urban areas, parks, bridges, and warehouses. Pigeons roost and nest on ledges that resemble their native habitat: cliffs.


Pigeons reproduce whenever there is enough food, which is year-round in cities. Pigeons can lay eggs up to six times per year. It’s common to find pigeons in pairs during breeding season, but the birds usually live in flocks of up to 200. Both parents participate in egg incubation. If you watch closely, you can often watch courtship rituals between pigeons. As the male courts the female, he will approach quickly while bowing and turning.

Pigeon Control

Pigeons are not the average pest. Controlling a pigeon population requires innovation and expertise as there is no simple solution to get rid of a pigeon problem. There are a few pigeon control strategies that may be effective.

  • Live pigeon traps. Live bob traps are a recommended control strategy. With a bob trap, pigeons are lured through a one-way door with bait like wheat. Most homeowners and business owners prefer to have a pest control professional handle the live traps as the pigeons, if released, will quickly return. If you would like more


    information about our pigeon control, click here for pigeon pest control.

  • Pigeon-proofing. Exclusion methods can keep pigeons from roosting on your property. Pigeon spikes, bird wires, and netting can all deter pigeons and deny them access to your gutters and ledges.
  • Chemical bait. Chemical bait is a solution for large pigeon problems often faced by large property owners. This type of bait will render pigeon eggs non-viable so the birds will stop reproducing. While it can take up to 8 months to see results, chemical bait is effective in the long run.

There are a few methods that do not work, however. Noisemakers and fake owls, for example, offer only a temporary solution as the pigeons will quickly become accustomed to the noise or sight and realize it’s not a real threat. Shooting pigeons, while possible in some areas, is also ineffective. One thing with pigeons is a guarantee: they can easily reproduce faster than you can kill them!

If you’re dealing with a pigeon problem at your home or business, it’s best to work with a professional. Pigeon pest control is a specialty field of pest control in El Paso TX that requires specialized tools and experience. Contact Pest Defense Solutions today to learn more about effective pigeon control for your property.

El Paso Pest Defense Solutions Keep Bugs Where They Belong

April 13, 2016 – Pest Defense Solutions El Paso, long recognized as one of the leaders in the field, announced their Power Spray has been upgraded to further enhance their residential and commercial services to proactively treat springtime pests.

“Our company has become synonymous with pest removal and our Power Spray is one of the reasons for that, so we upgraded and made it even better,” says Karen Wilson, El Paso Pest Defense Solutions spokesperson. “With our new Power Spray and 30 day money back guarantee, our customers are assured bugs won’t bother them in the springtime anymore.”

Research shows the number of homeowners and commercial establishments in El Paso plagued by pests continue to rise. Several factors can be attributed to the increase, but in any event, the demand has also led to the emergence of pest control service providers. Unfortunately, the quality of service leaves a lot to be desired, a situation that El Paso Pest Defense Solutions aims to correct.

“Our Power Spray proactive treatment involves the use of a 300 ft. hose and spraying around six feet of a house’s exterior. Our service solutions also include termites, ticks and fleas, cockroaches, rats and bed bugs, and we also treat rock walls, landscapes and eaves.”

Since El Paso Pest Defense Solutions emerged, it has become the standard by which other pest removal services are measured. “We’re proud of the fact that El Paso residents have placed their trust in us, and with our new Power Spray proactive springtime pest solution, we feel confident in meeting their expectations and free their home of bed bugs in El Paso and Pests.”

About El Paso Pest Defense Solutions

El Paso Pest Defense Solutions offers one of the widest selections of pest removal and prevention services. Based in El Paso, Texas, the company offers both residential and commercial solutions. For details and particulars please visit the official website at hhttps://elpaso.pestdefensesolutions.com.

Pest Defense Solutions
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El Paso TX 79925
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American Dog Tick Secrets Finally Exposed

The American dog tick or wood tick is found in almost every area of the United States and it is the only species of tick found only in North America. American dog ticks prefer dogs as hosts, unlike many ticks that infest deer and other wildlife. The wood tick is the number one carrier of Rocky Mountain spotted fever, but it can also transmit other diseases to pets.


flea-pest-control-el-paso-texasThe American dog tick is about 5 mm (3/16″) when unengorged and three times larger, or 15 mm, when engorged with blood. American dog ticks are brown with mottled gray or whitish patterns on the back and a flattened, oval-shaped body. As larvae, they have six legs. Nymph and adult ticks have eight legs.


It is believed that wood ticks are attracted to the scent of animals and this is why they are commonly found along trails and roads. American dog ticks usually live in grassy areas of low vegetation where large mammals like dogs will pass through. Unlike the brown dog tick, the America dog tick does not survive for long indoors.

Like other ticks, these arachnids are parasites that feed on a host’s blood. Ticks use claws and hairs on their body to crawl through a host’s fur before digging under the skin with specialized mouthparts. The mouth releases an anesthetic as the host drinks.


After mating on the dog host, adult female ticks will detach and find a place to lay eggs. When indoors, this is often done in a potted plant, but outdoors ticks will lay eggs underneath leaves in a garden. A single American dog tick can lay up to 5,000 eggs at once.

When the larvae emerge from the eggs, they will seek out small hosts like mice, squirrels, and chipmunks and feed until they are engorged before dropping off and developing into nymphs. Nymphs will attach to a new host and drink for about 6 days before dropping off and molting into an adult tick. As an adult, the tick will seek a third host, feed, and mate on the host. After mating, the male tick dies and the female drops off to lay eggs.

An American dog tick can develop fully into an adult within 3 months when conditions are ideal, but their development can take up to two years.

If you find a feeding tick on a pet, remove it by grasping it close to the mouth with tweezers, applying gentle pressure until the tick releases. Do not squeeze the body, as this can increase the risk of spreading disease. Make sure the mouthparts are completely removed from the skin.

If you have a tick infestation around your property, contact Pest Defense Solutions for a customized strategy to protect yourself and your pets from bites.

American Cockroaches The Palmetto Bugs or Water Bugs

American cockroaches, sometimes called palmetto bugs or water bugs, are not native to North America, but they are widespread. American roaches prefer to live indoors, and an infestation can quickly grow out of hand.

roach-pest-control-el-paso-texasAmerican cockroaches spread dozens of diseases and they can contaminate food or trigger asthma and allergies. Because American roaches spend time eating decaying matter and sewage, they can transfer bacteria onto your counter tops and food. They are suspected or known carriers of bacteria that causes diarrhea, plague, typhoid fever, and viral conditions.


American cockroaches are much larger than their German counterparts; adults can easily reach two inches long. Adult American roaches are a reddish-brown color with a yellow band behind their head. American roach nymphs are about 1/4″ long and a grayish-brown color.


American cockroaches prefer warmer outdoor temperatures, and they will move inside when the temperature dips below 80 degrees. They can enter through voids around utility pipes, sewer connections, beneath doors, and air ducts. They are often found near plumbing, clothing hampers, bathtubs, laundry rooms, and basements. Unlike German roaches, American cockroaches tend to spend time in open areas instead of hiding in crevices. American roaches can and do fly when the weather is warm.

American roaches prefer to eat decaying organic matter like fungi and wood particles, but they will eat almost anything, particularly sweets, book bindings, and wallpaper.


Female cockroaches can produce eggs over their entire life after a single mating using stored sperm. The average female American roach produces 6-14 egg capsules over a one-year lifespan. Female American roaches are capable of producing egg capsules with up to 16 eggs each that hatch nymphs after about 50 days. These egg sacs are usually deposited in damp, safe areas. Nymphs will shed a dozen times and reach adulthood in 5-6 months. Female American roaches live for 90-706 days while male roaches can live up to onecockroach-pest-control-el-paso-texas


Signs of an Infestation

  • Seeing a roach. American cockroaches are often visible running quickly across floors into dark areas. They may fly if startled.
  • You may find tiny droppings in the basement or pantry. Sometimes these droppings are mistaken for those of a mice, but American roach droppings are blunt on the ends with ridges.
  • Egg capsules. You may find empty egg capsules, which are around 38mm long and a reddish or blackish color.
  • A large number of American cockroaches can produce a noticeable musty aroma.

Do you suspect an American roach infestation? Contact Pest Defense Solutions right away at (915) 591-BUGS. Our pest control El Paso technicians will help you reduce roach populations and develop a plan to get rid of the infestation for good. Treatment may include granular baits, insecticides, and growth regulators and some other tricks that we have up our sleeves.

Call Pest Defense Solutions El Paso today and get rid of your roach problem tomorrow.