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Bees, wasps, and hornets play an important role in our environment. When out in nature away from residential areas, they’re typically harmless. However, when large numbers of stinging insects appear in residential areas or a nest is built on a building, there’s a bigger problem. Nests can be more dangerous than you think, this is a recommended sign for when to call a hornet and wasp exterminator. The hornet and wasp exterminators at Pest Defense Solutions provide safe, effective wasp and hornet removal services in El Paso!

Can you get rid of wasps and hornets yourself?

Controlling stinging insects on your own is never recommended. Many people attempt to knock nests down on their own, which can endanger those nearby. Especially when someone is allergic to their sting, it’s simply best to not risk it. There are many risks associated with DIY bee, wasp, and hornet removal. When you call our wasp exterminators, we will follow the following procedures:

  1. A thorough property inspection to locate the nest and any surrounding threats
  2. Identification of the species and the conditions that may be attracting them
  3. Development of a wasp nest removal plan to best accomplish the task
  4. Implementation of wasp and hornet pest control and nest removal.
  5. If necessary, further visits from our wasp exterminators to surpass your expectations to keep your property safe from future nests

El Paso’s best hornet and wasp exterminators

If you notice a wasp or hornet nest larger than the size of a fist on or near your property, it’s time to call the wasp exterminators at Pest Defense Solutions. Our team can ensure complete removal of bees, wasps, or hornets from your property in a way that keeps your family and our environment safe. To learn more, give us a call today!

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When to Call a Hornet and Wasp Exterminator in El Paso TX

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