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Bees, wasps, and hornets play an important role in the environment. Seeing a few here and there isn’t usually a bad sign, so how do you go about identifying when you have a bee issue? When you notice a large number of these stinging insects flying to or from a specific area near your property, it’s likely there is a nest nearby. Nests should always be handled by a professional because there are often more stinging insects inside than you think. To be safe, it’s always best to enlist the help of a professional pest control company in determining the severity of your bee, wasp, or hornet problem. The experts at Pest Defense Solutions can provide you with safe, human bee, wasp, and hornet services throughout El Paso.

Identifying dangerous bees, wasps, and hornets

Stinging insects look similar, which is why it can be hard to identify a bee from a wasp or a wasp from a hornet. This makes it dangerous to approach any of these insects! The best way to identify a stinging insect is by the nest they build:

  • Yellowjacket nests: these nests are in a papery substance and are often found within wall voids or cavities in the ground.
  • Paper wasp nests: these are open, exposed nests that most often resemble upside-down umbrellas.
  • Bald-faced hornet nests: usually found in tree stumps or wall cavities, bald-faced hornet nests also create paper-like nests.

Is it safe to remove a wasp nest or beehive yourself?

As a rule, never try to knock down a wasp nest or bee nest on your own. Certain types of wasps and hornets are known to be aggressive and sting even when unprovoked. Even if a nest appears abandoned, they still aren’t completely safe to approach. Especially if you or someone nearby is allergic to bee stings, trying to handle a bee problem with DIY methods is simply out of the question. A professional pest control company is always required for nest removal services.

Safe bee control in El Paso

If you stumble across a beehive or wasp nest near your El Paso, Texas property, it’s important to take caution. Because of the unpredictable nature of these insects, it’s always best to contact a professional bee exterminator to help in identifying when you have a bee issue. Wasps and hornets can be dangerous, especially if someone is allergic to their sting. At Pest Defense Solutions, our professionals have years of experience safely taking care of bee problems for homes and businesses.

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Identifying When You Have a Bee Issue in El Paso TX

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