A yellow jacket spotted in El Paso TX

How To Avoid Being Stung By Wasps

Dealing with wasps is no fun. When you find a wasp nest in your yard, your first thought might be to try to get rid of it, but the ever-present
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Servicing a backyard in El Paso TX - Pest Defense Solutions El Paso

10 Tips for a Pest-Proof Backyard

The warm weather every spring and summer here in El Paso TX brings people out of their homes and into their backyards to enjoy the sunshine. But how many times
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Finding spiders in El Paso TX - Pest Defense Solutions El Paso

10 Spider Facts

Spiders are some of the most widely-feared creatures in El Paso TX, and we understand why—with their gangly legs, clustered eyes, and accompanying tales of venomous bites, spiders don’t have
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Picking up pet food is a good way to prevent ants in your El Paso Texas home - Pest Defense Solutions

Start Ant-Proofing Your Home Now!

As soon as the weather warms up each year, ants start to come out in full force! Each spring here in the El Paso area, rising temperatures drive worker ants
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What pigeons look like in El Paso TX - Pest Defense Solutions El Paso

How to Get Rid of Pigeons on the Roof

Many people agree that pigeons are some of the most annoying birds out there. Because they are dependent on humans for their food and shelter, they are found in higher
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Rats chew on wires and create hazards in El Paso TX homes. Texas Pest Control shares info on the dangers of rodents.

Dangers of Rodent Infestations in El Paso

Rodents are one of the most concerning pest problems we face here in El Paso. In our region, both mice and rats can be active year-round, making them a constant
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