Wasp nest identification in El Paso TX - Pest Defense Solutions

Learn What Different Wasp Nests Look Like

It’s summer here in El Paso, and insects are everywhere! The warm weather invites insects of all kinds to come out in full force. This includes wasps, which play a
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Firewood can attract termites to your property in El Paso Texas. Pest Defense Solutions.

What’s Attracting Termites to Your Home?

Termites are the most damaging pests in the nation. A single infestation is known to cost homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs. For that reason alone, it’s important to know
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Murder hornets - Info from Pest Defense Solutions in El Paso Texas

The Threats of Murder Hornets

Asian giant hornets, also known as “murder hornets” have certainly made their presence known in the past few months. After being sighted in the Pacific Northwest, this hornet has struck
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Bed bug myths in El Paso Texas - Pest Defense Solutions

Don’t Fall For These Bed Bug Myths

Bed bugs are a dreaded pest, and for good reason. Not only do they bite, they can spread easily and are notoriously difficult to get rid of without a pest
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Learn about summertime wasps in El Paso Texas - Pest Defense Solutions

Keep an Eye Out for These Three Summertime Wasps

Summer is right around the corner here in El Paso, and many people are ramping up to enjoy the warm weather outdoors. Unfortunately, with the summer months comes the influx
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Pests could be triggering your springtime allergies in El Paso Texas - Pest Defense Solutions

Could Pests be Contributing to Your Springtime Allergies?

It’s spring here in El Paso, and seasonal allergies are affecting millions of people! We’ve all had a runny nose or itchy eyes from springtime allergies, but is there something
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