pigeons migrate and cause a fall bird infestation on this roof

Signs of a Fall Bird Infestation

In most of the US, cooler weather and shorter days are signs that millions of birds will soon start migrating south for the winter. The El Paso TX area is
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Cockroach on wood block

Five Horrifying Facts About Cockroaches

When most people see a cockroach in their home, they don’t need to be convinced to call an exterminator. Cockroaches are repulsive and hard to get rid of on your
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Pigeons in a pool

How to Keep Birds Out of Your Pool this Summer

In the summer months here in El Paso TX, we are all trying to catch a break from the heat. Having a pool nearby or in your backyard is a
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A yellow jacket spotted in El Paso TX

How To Avoid Being Stung By Wasps

Dealing with wasps is no fun. When you find a wasp nest in your yard, your first thought might be to try to get rid of it, but the ever-present
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Servicing a backyard in El Paso TX - Pest Defense Solutions El Paso

10 Tips for a Pest-Proof Backyard

The warm weather every spring and summer here in El Paso TX brings people out of their homes and into their backyards to enjoy the sunshine. But how many times
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Finding spiders in El Paso TX - Pest Defense Solutions El Paso

10 Spider Facts

Spiders are some of the most widely-feared creatures in El Paso TX, and we understand why—with their gangly legs, clustered eyes, and accompanying tales of venomous bites, spiders don’t have
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