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Spiders are some of the most widely-feared creatures in El Paso TX, and we understand why—with their gangly legs, clustered eyes, and accompanying tales of venomous bites, spiders don’t have the friendliest presence. However, our spider control team at Pest Defense Solutions El Paso knows spiders deeply, and we are here to teach you a bit more about them. We hope that we can sway you towards seeing them as fascinating and not so frightening!

Top Ten Facts About Spiders

  1. Most spiders can’t really hurt you: Although every spider uses venom to kill their prey, only a select few species have enough venom to seriously harm humans.
  2. Spiders live all over the place: They live all over the world and all around you right now! Research suggests that the closest spider to you at any point in time is likely less than 10 feet away.
  3. There are tens of thousands of known species: Over 35,000 different spider species have been recorded across the globe, and scientists expect to find many more species soon.
  4. Spiders give gifts: When a male spider fancies a female, he will sometimes capture an insect and wrap it in silk as an offering. Sometimes, though, the male will fake a meaningful gift by wrapping up leaves or other junk instead.
  5. Spiders can dance: Male courtship practices sometimes involve an elaborate scuttling dance routine complete with arm-waving and attention-grabbing maneuvers.
  6. Female spiders sometimes eat males: At different points in the mating process, female spiders of different species will sometimes kill (and even eat) their male counterpart, whether a courtship attempt is deemed unsatisfactory or the female sees fit to save his body as nourishment for future offspring afterwards.
  7. Spider muscles don’t work like ours: Spiders can only pull their legs in using their muscles, not extend them out. Instead, they must push a special fluid through their legs that pushes them back. This fluid also allows many spiders to jump quite far, in select species reaching lengths over 50 times that of their body!
  8. Spider silk can do many things: We often think of spider silk as the material used for webs, but some spiders also use their silk to make paths of transportation, tunnels, nests, and even as a floating device to glide through the air on.
  9. It’s also stronger than steel: Steel cut to the same density as a strand of spider silk is actually 5 times weaker!
  10. But it starts as a liquid: Spider silk only becomes solid when it makes contact with air. Before that, it sits as a liquid in the spider’s spinning gland. It’s an incredible feat of nature that it can become so strong in this way!

When Do You Need Spider Control?

While we hope that you’ve picked up some information that has changed your mind about spiders, we understand that having unwanted guests of any kind in your home or business can be unsettling. Do you need to get rid of spiders in El Paso TX? Our team at Pest Defense Solutions El Paso has you covered. Reach out today for a free quote!

10 Spider Facts in El Paso TX

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