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Whether you own a new home or business and want to protect it from pests, or you’re thinking of changing your current pest control provider, how do you know how to make the right choice? Before hiring anyone, it’s important to take several factors into account, including the company’s reputation, processes, reviews, and more. At Pest Defense Solutions, we want our customers to make informed decisions when it comes to the safety of their properties. We’re sharing the top questions to ask before hiring any pest control company—read on to learn more.

Top 5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Pest Control Company

1. Are pest control treatments safe for my family?

When you work with a professional, pest control is completely safe for you and your family. In fact, trying to administer pest control products you picked up from your local store is actually more dangerous. Make sure to look for a pest control company that:

  • Makes use of EPA-approved treatments
  • Is dedicated to an eco-friendly approach
  • Prioritizes pest prevention and IPM practices

2. Are your exterminators certified and trained?

A trustworthy pest control company will be able to show that they have comparable licenses and insurance to the most established and reputable exterminators. It’s crucial that your trusted company has liability insurance to protect you against any further damage that is caused to your property during the extermination process. In addition, look for companies that routinely train their pest control technicians to stay on top of the latest and greatest in the pest control industry.

3. How does the pest control process work?

A good pest control company knows there is no one-size-fits-all solution for every pest infestation. Always look for a company that will work with you to customize a pest control plan suited to the unique needs of your home or business. This is best done with:

  • Regular inspections of your property to pinpoint pest problems or issues that may contribute to future pest problems.
  • Customized pest control plans that focus on targeted treatments around your home and exclusion efforts to keep pests away.
  • Open communication. A good pest control company is transparent with you about the treatments needed on your property.

4. Do you have a history of good reviews?

Reviews don’t lie. When choosing the right exterminator, make sure to check out their ratings and reviews on Google or their website. If a pest control company is truly professional, they should have nothing to hide. If you can’t find a link to their reviews on their website, ask to see what customers have said about them.

5. Will you keep pests away from my home?

The key to pest control is preventing pests in the first place. A trusted pest control company will not only work to eliminate active infestations, but also to implement prevention methods to keep them away for good. Always look for companies that abide by IPM practices, and for those that offer quarterly or annual pest control services.

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Before Hiring a Pest Control Company, Ask Them These Questions in El Paso TX

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