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In the summer months here in El Paso TX, we are all trying to catch a break from the heat. Having a pool nearby or in your backyard is a treasure that many of us cherish during these times. Unfortunately, though, many of the local birds are also trying to do what they can to stay cool. This leads them to take a swim in our pools, potentially exposing us to filth and diseases and making our yards and neighborhoods popular nesting destinations. If you’re dealing with birds in the pool and want to learn how to keep them out, read on for advice from our bird control team at Pest Defense Solutions El Paso!

Why Are There Birds in the Pool?

Birds want a cool place to relax in the summer just like we do. We often set them up with bird baths or find them playing around in puddles and ponds—the only thing keeping them out of our pools is distance! If birds find an open and often unoccupied pool, they will visit it often or even make a nest close by.

Especially if your pool is surrounded by trees with fruit and nuts, shaded areas, or roof and attic access, birds will be likely to visit your property on a regular basis.

How to Keep Birds Out of the Pool

To keep birds out of your pool and off of your property altogether, you have to keep up with preventative measures. Here are some of the best ways to keep birds out of your pool:

  • Use a pool cover: Every time your pool is not in use, it should be covered. This will steer birds in a different direction when looking for a spot to bathe.
  • Make sure your plants aren’t the problem: Fruit-bearing and nut-bearing trees will lead to bird infestations easily if you don’t maintain the plant and collect its yield. If you have a bird feeder, it would be smart to get rid of it.
  • Use decoys: You can purchase decoy owls, coyotes, and other predators to trick birds into thinking your backyard is unsafe. Bird spikes and reflective balls can also help steer them away.

Bird Control Help in El Paso TX

If you need help getting rid of the birds in your pool and making sure they never come back to your yard, look to your local bird control specialists for help. Because many birds in the area have lists of regulations and laws to protect them, it’s important to leave their removal to trained technicians. Our team at Pest Defense Solutions El Paso can figure out why birds have taken a liking to your property, remove them safely, and help you keep them away. To learn more and get a free quote, contact us today!

How to Keep Birds Out of Your Pool this Summer in El Paso TX

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