Industrial pest control treatments provided by Pest Defense Solutions in El Paso TX

Pest control for warehouses & other large-scale industrial buildings can be overwhelming without the help of a professional pest control company. Throughout El Paso, buildings like food processing plants or stored product facilities are prone to pest problems all year long. To prevent the cost and damage of a pest infestation, it’s crucial to team up with a professional pest control company with experience in the industrial realm.

The warehouse pest control experts at Pest Defense Solutions offer annual programs to keep your commercial building protected year-round!

The importance of warehouse pest control

Warehouses are some of the biggest commercial buildings, making regular pest control an absolute necessity. Without proper pest control services, pests are inevitable, especially for foodservice warehouses or stored good buildings. Pantry pests enjoy feeding on whole kernels, processed grains, and spices. The most common pests found in warehouses include ants, beetles, mites, moths, and weevils.

Industrial pest control services

Warehouse pest control is not for amateurs and always requires the help of a professional pest control company. By focusing on pest prevention, the team at Pest Defense Solutions can keep a pest infestation from ever starting. Our warehouse and industrial pest control methods include the following steps:

  1. Thoroughly inspecting and treating any and all infected areas.
  2. Scheduling service and visits for maximum discretion and convenience, including after hours and weekends.
  3. Using eco-friendly products and methods that are proven to be effective.
  4. Providing documentation for health inspectors and other government officials.
  5. Following up on treatment and making any necessary adjustments.

Why choose us for warehouses & industrial pest control?

Without proper pest control, warehouses and other industrial buildings are at high risk for pest problems. Our team will work together with you and and your maintenance personnel to provide comprehensive warehouses and industrial pest control solutions. Regular inspections, preventative measures, and effective treatments are the key to industrial pest control that lasts. Contact our team for a free quote today!

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