You went into healthcare because you wanted to help patients. One of the ways you care for them is by keeping them safe through sound sanitation practices at your facility. And because you are reading this right now, you undoubtedly understand the integral role that pest control plays in maintaining a safe and clean environment. That is why it is totally necessary to make sure that your healthcare pest control in El Paso, TX area is the best that it can be. That is why you need to call us if you want to ensure that your facility is clear of all insects.

Spread Disease

health-care-hospital-pest-control-el-paso-txDid you know that a seemingly innocent little ant crawling through your facility has the potential to spread diseases in an extremely effective manner? Have you ever considered the impact that a rodent infestation could have on your operations?

Let us work with you to protect your facility and patients from unwanted pests. Whether it’s a hospital, an outpatient clinic, or a medical billing office, we have you covered. With your input, we will develop a program that balances the need for a low impact, yet effective service. At Pest Defense Solutions, we strive to minimize side effects.

Question: What makes pest control in El Paso, TX healthcare facilities a unique challenge?

Answer: Hospitals and similar facilities are what we call “sensitive” accounts because of the presence of pests pose a real danger to patients, but at the same time the application of insecticides is restricted.

Careful Use of Insecticide

For example, in an operating room, the environment must be kept sterile during surgery. If an insect crawls on sterile equipment or a fly lands in a wound, there is a huge possibility that pathogens can be transferred. And to make pest management more complex, insecticide use in healthcare facilities needs to be limited because exposure to insecticides in sick patients or the elderly could cause health complications.

Integrated Pest Management

What is the solution to treating pests in these sensitive areas? Integrated pest management (IPM) is a method healthcare-pest-control-in-El-Paso-Txof pest control where pesticides are used as a last resort. In IPM, we rely on inspection, monitoring, and communication with clients to develop a plan to alter those conditions at a facility that would be conducive to pest infestations.

For example, if a dirty and damp mop is found in a janitor’s closet, we might suggest removing the mop, or at least cleaning it and letting it dry properly. This simple step could remove a potential harborage site for a pest, and it would allow us to apply less insecticide. As another example, if scrap food is not being disposed of properly, we might suggest changes in protocol.

Changes in Protocol

This would eliminate a food source for pests, and would help eliminate the issue without pesticide application. In general, once all is done to alter the environment in a way that would discourage pest activity, then pesticide products with minimal impact would be selected for use, and they would only be applied sparingly in key areas.

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