Everyone who has an El Paso, TX lawn knows how difficult it can be to keep it green. El Paso’s soil isn’t exactly ideal for growing lush, green turf. It can take thousands of dollars per year to baby your grass- water, fertilizer,lawn-paint-el-paso-texas-before-after herbicides, and proper trimming can cost a bundle. Some people just tear out their lawns in desperation, but kids and pets don’t always appreciate this. Synthetic turf and gravel are an option, but they are expensive and they just aren’t as satisfying as real grass.

The solution? Paint your lawn! Sound crazy? It’s not. Golf courses have been doing it for years. Professional sports fields aren’t super green without some help. Most have been painted! Painting your lawn is a great option any time of the year.

Summer Lawn Painting

Lawn painting of residential turf has become very common in drought stricken California and other areas in the southwestern United States. People in many areas have had to let their lawns completely die because of the watering restrictions. Although we aren’t under these extreme restrictions here in El Paso, we are still limited by the frequency in which we are legally allowed to water. Besides this, water is very expensive, and a lot of money can be saved by being more water conscious. Furthermore, it is an environmentally responsible practice to be careful with your water lawn-painting-el-paso-texasusage. Let’s be real- we live in the desert, and we need to be thoughtful with our watering habits. Lawn painting allows you to have a green lawn in the desert, and not feel guilty about it!

Lawn painting is not restricted to dead lawns. Many people paint their lawns during the summer to “touch-up” the green. By painting your lawn, you can reduce the frequency of watering and still maintain or improve the intensity of the green. Painting makes your lawn just as green as it would be with frequent watering and fertilizing, and it is more cost effective. Your lawn will look naturally green, and your neighbors and friends will be green with envy!

Winter Lawn Painting

You spend a lot of time keeping your lawn green during the summer. Why not keep it green during the colder months when it’s dormant? When you paint your dormant grass, you can enjoy the visual appeal that green brings year round. Your friends and neighbors will inevitably ask you how you maintain a green lawn-painting-green-grass-el-paso-txturf when it’s freezing outside, and you will happily tell them about us!
Question: Is lawn painting harmful to my turf?

Answer: No, lawn painting is actually very beneficial for your turf. It doesn’t interfere with your grass’s ability to photosynthesize, so it will continue to grow like normal. When you paint your dormant grass during the cold season, your grass is actually protected from the extreme low temperatures because the dark color absorbs more solar radiation, which therefore keeps the grass and soil warmer. Freezing temperatures and dry weather delay the spring transition to green turf. Our quality lawn paint will decrease the level of winter injury and it will encourage rapid spring green-up in your lawn. Lastly, the paint we use doesn’t contain any ingredients know to harm grass.
Question: Is this safe for people and pets?

Answer: Yes. Our quality lawn paint is very benign and poses no known health risk to humans or pets when applied correctly.

Question: How long does it last?

Answer: It can last up to 4 months. Results vary, but the paint is a permanent green pigment that typically lasts until the painted turf is removed through mowing.

Question: How much does it cost to treat my yard?

Answer: Pricing depends on the size of the lawn and the amount of prep work required. We only paint cut and edged lawns because we want a nice finished product. If we have to mow or edge your lawn, or if we have to rake debris, there will be an additional labor charge.

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