Mosquito Pest Control El Paso, Texas

mosquito-pest-control-el-paso-txMosquitoes are annoying. You don’t want them dictating your outside schedule or ruining your BBQ. But what do you do? Well, mosquito repellent can help, but it stinks and you’ll probably forget to put it on. The citronella candle? Smells good, but we all know that doesn’t REALLY work.

How about going beyond repelling them to ELIMINATING mosquitos from your property. Don’t think it’s possible? You haven’t had a Pest Defense Solutions El Paso mosquito service!

We offer El Paso’s best mosquito control program. We will treat the premises of your property with a fogging mist designed to eradicate the adult population, and we will mix in a mosquito birth control to prevent them from reproducing. The treatment is safe for your family and pets, but deadly to mosquitoes. And it will last up to 3 weeks! We offer one time and season long solutions to your mosquito problems. As an added bonus, our mosquito service effectively eliminated fleas and ticks from your yard!

Mosquitoes can be more than just a nuisance. Various diseases, including West Nile virus, have been spread by mosquitoes in El Paso. Zika virus isn’t here yet, but public health officials are continuing to be vigilant.

Don’t take the risk. Protect your family from mosquitoes today!

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