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Do Mosquitoes Bite?

Mosquitoes are detested for their bites. Female mosquitoes use their proboscis to pierce the skin and feed on our blood. Mosquitoes also bite small birds and mammals, in addition to humans. These bites usually cause rashes and bumps on the skin.

Mosquito are notorious for spreading threatening diseases all over the world through their bites. Thankfully, mosquito-borne diseases in El Paso are quite rare. Either way, we would all rather avoid a mosquito bite.

Do mosquitoes bite in El Paso Texas - Pest Defense Solutions

Why Do Mosquitoes Draw Blood?

Female mosquitoes bite us to extract nutrients from our blood that allow them to breed. These nutrients are essential to the development of eggs. A female mosquito is only able to breed and lay eggs after finding a host to feed on.

While we refer to the bumps they give us as “bites,” in reality, the female mosquito is piercing your skin with her proboscis, much like a needle. The proboscis contains two tubes. One of them injects saliva that contains a chemical mixture which thins your blood and prevents it from clotting. The other is used to draw up the blood.

What Mosquito Bites Look Like in El Paso

Mosquitoes will often bite humans on exposed skin. Mosquito bite symptoms often include:

  • Itchy, pinkish-red bumps that form just minutes after the mosquito pierces the skin.
  • Reddening and darkening of the bumps over time.
  • Bruising, itching, and rashes arising on and around scratched bumps.
  • In drastic cases, fever, severe headaches, nausea, and fatigue. Always consult a medical professional when experiencing these symptoms.

Do Mosquitoes Bite Pets?

Mosquitoes can and will bite your pets, including cats, dogs, and many more. Cats are less susceptible to bites due to their thick hair, but are commonly targeted on their noses and ears. Dogs are more likely to be bitten all over their bodies. In addition to giving your pets irritating bite marks, mosquitoes can transmit diseases to animals, just like they do to humans.

Do Mosquitoes Bite? in El Paso TX

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