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Do Citronella Candles Keep Mosquitoes Away?

You’ve probably seen lots of stores promote their citronella candles as a reliable mosquito repellent. Citronella oil can be used in sprays, lotions, and candles, but how well does it actually work to keep mosquitoes away? If you light a citronella candle outdoors in the summer, the burning oil may aid in repelling mosquitoes and other insects.

However, its effects won’t last for long. Some research indicates that citronella candles may only be effective for up to a couple of hours.

Do Citronella Candles Keep Mosquitoes Away in El Paso Texas - Pest Defense Solutions

What is Citronella Oil?

Citronella is a naturally occurring oil that is extracted from leaves and grass. It has a brownish-yellow color with a grassy and floral scent. There are many uses for citronella, namely as a natural insect repellent, a food additive, a perfume, and even wound-healing and antifungal agents. Citronella candles have become a very popular choice to repel many kinds of insects in addition to mosquitoes.

Do Citronella Candles Actually Work?

Lighting a citronella candle masks scents that would be attracting bugs. The scent of citronella can throw mosquitoes off your trail. But just how effective is citronella at repelling mosquitoes?

Research has found that citronella oil can provide mosquito protection for up to three hours when combined with vanillin. When combined with DEET, citronella oil can protect you for over six hours. On its own, however, citronella has a weak effect against insects.

Do Citronella Plants Repel Mosquitoes?

Plants containing citronella oil, like lemon-scented geraniums, will not repel mosquitoes on their own. The oil must be extracted to properly repel mosquitoes. Crushing or rubbing the leaves extracts the oil, which could help to keep mosquitoes at bay. You can rely on your local mosquito extermination experts to repel mosquitoes more consistently.

Do Citronella Candles Keep Mosquitoes Away?​ in El Paso TX

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