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DIY Mosquito Treatment Options

You have several options when looking to prevent mosquitoes from inhabiting your yard. Many people look to DIY mosquito treatments to solve their mosquito problems, but do these work as well as professional treatments?

Typically, DIY treatments are not as effective as professional pest control services. That being said, there are some measures you may want to take that might work for small or occasional mosquito problems.

Can I Get Rid of Mosquitoes On My Own?

The best way to get rid of mosquitoes on your own is to limit the things on your property that may draw them in. This means inspecting your yard for standing water, which is where they breed and lay eggs. Tip over or cover stagnant water in birdbaths, pools, buckets, planters, playsets, and anywhere else it sits in your yard. Also consider installing oscillating fans in your outdoor space, as mosquitoes aren’t strong enough to withstand much wind. 

Can You Make Mosquito Repellents at Home?

If you have a mosquito issue, you may be wondering if you already have something in your home that can help address the problem. Many people insist on using essential oils in a diluted spray. While these sprays can ward off mosquitoes for the day, they are not strong enough to eliminate a mosquito problem on your property. It’s always recommended to consult a professional who can recommend the best mosquito treatment plan.

Professional Mosquito Treatment

If you want the mosquitoes out of your yard as soon as possible, a professional mosquito treatment is the best option for you. We will send out an expert to ensure mosquitoes are diverted from your home year after year with customized treatments and inspections. Ask us how we can help you today!

DIY Mosquito Treatment Options in El Paso TX

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