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How Long Does Mosquito Treatment Last?

Mosquito treatment plans, at their best, will last up to two months. The weather, environment, and the mosquito population itself can all affect how long your barrier system stays effective. When you work with a professional mosquito control expert, you will be provided with an estimate on when your yard should be retreated.

The goal is to ensure that your yard is free of mosquitoes until the temperatures drop again, which is why multiple treatments are usually insisted upon.

Do I Need Multiple Mosquito Treatments?

If you want to ensure a mosquito-free spring and summer, you will most likely require a few treatments. After about a month, the repellent that was applied will begin to fade, making it easier for mosquitoes to access your yard. Rather than let the repellent degrade, call on your local pest control company to reapply treatment and keep you safe from mosquitoes all year.

How Often Should I Apply Mosquito Treatment?

Amidst your professional treatment plan, you should be keeping an eye on your yard to look for signs of mosquito activity. Practice the following routine to keep your home clear of mosquitoes:

  1. Inspect your yard weekly to look for signs of mosquito activity.
  2. Pour out any containers that have accumulated standing water.
  3. When spending time outside, bring out a fan to block mosquitoes with wind.

Mosquito Treatment Programs

Mosquito treatment should start in the early spring months or sooner, which is typically March or early April here in El Paso. Your professional mosquito control expert will check in with you periodically after your first treatment to determine when they may need to return. This could be anywhere from 4-6 weeks after the initial repellent application. If you notice that your treatment has dwindled in effectiveness earlier than expected, reach out to your local exterminator for assistance.

How Long Does Mosquito Treatment Last? in El Paso TX

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