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When Should Mosquito Treatment Start in El Paso?

For the best protection against mosquitoes, it’s recommended to enlist a professional exterminator to have your home treated before mosquito season begins. However, seeking out mosquito treatment at any time is better than having none at all. Barrier treatments can be applied successfully before or during mosquito season. Ideally, hiring a professional mosquito exterminator in the spring will yield the best results in limiting mosquitoes on your property.

When Should Mosquito Treatment Start in El Paso Texas - Pest Defense Solutions

When Do Mosquitoes Come Out in El Paso?

Mosquito season starts at different times depending on a region’s climate. This is because mosquito eggs are only able to hatch when temperatures reach a consistent 50 degrees. This usually means that mosquito season sets in as spring gets into full swing. Here in El Paso, mosquito season begins slightly sooner, around early March. This makes it crucial to start preparing for the rising numbers of mosquitoes early. Mosquito populations peak in the summer and linger through autumn.

When Should I Start Mosquito Treatment?

We commonly see people make the mistake of waiting until they have a drastic mosquito problem to look into mosquito treatment. At this point, the breeding population of mosquitoes has settled in and will be tough to get rid of. Your best chance at preventing mosquito problems is to get ahead of the problem by setting up a treatment plan at the end of the winter months. This may seem overly cautious, but you will certainly notice the results.

When Can I Effectively Spray For Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are most active at dusk and dawn, looking for food and laying their eggs. Applying mosquito barrier treatments or sprays in the cooler hours of the morning or as the sun begins to set will yield the best results. A professional mosquito exterminator will also help to determine the most effective times to apply barriers and sprays on your property specifically.

When Should Mosquito Treatment Start In El Paso TX? in El Paso TX

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