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No Pests Are Good Pests

We understand that the presence of unwanted critters can demoralize your staff and decrease productivity. In retail settings, we know the damage that pests can have on your bottom line. Honestly, how many customers want to shop with roaches?

Question: What makes office and retail spaces susceptible to pest infestations?


      • There is sometimes a lack of interest or a lack of understanding about pest issues among busy employees. Many professionals are too busy to consider conditions that are conducive to pest infestations, or they have no interest in handling a pest issue. In a setting with many personnel, pest issues may go unreported or complaints may not be passed effectively to those who are responsible for solving the problem.
      • The design of office and retail spaces varies widely, but most possess many construction features that allow for the easy entry and continued harborage of pests. For example, many buildings have drop ceilings that act as a superhighway for pests. Bugs and rodents, roaches and mice can move about unhindered and unnoticed. Drop ceilings can also have duct work or openings which makeel-paso-tx-retail-pest-control the application of insecticides impractical. Offices often have many doorways and widows through which pests can enter. If employees, customers, or delivery personnel leave these open, pests can enter unhindered, and even if an insecticide barrier has been applied, they may be able to cross the barrier before they die.
      • Electrical and plumbing lines can create a vast network in which pests can travel and reproduce. As each line penetrates a wall, there is oftentimes a gap through which they can pass. This makes regular maintenance services essential to the mitigation of a problem before it spreads to another part of the building.
      • Office plants are common in office in retail spaces, and they can attract pests if they are not properly watered or maintained. Over-watering can allow flies and even mosquitoes to reproduce and thrive indoors.
      • Employees can create conducive conditions around their personal work space. They oftentimes store food that can attract pests in their desks, and an unclean work space can also provide conductive conditions for bugs and rodents.
      • Break rooms often contain ample amounts of employee “stuff” and food. If they aren’t kept clean and orderly, these areas can be hotbeds for pest activity.

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