Our core philosophy here at Pest Defense Solutions is this: If we can do a good job outside by creating a thorough barrier on the exterior of your home, we can prevent most pests from entering in the first place. By doing this, we are able to keep pests where they belong- outside and DEAD!

el-paso-residential-rock-wall-pest-control-sprayThis also allows us to minimize the amount of pesticides applied inside your home. It just makes sense- if you don’t have bugs inside (due to our outstanding service!), there is no need for interior pesticide treatments. In other words, we don’t need to treat the inside for bugs that aren’t there. Of course, we will treat the inside as often as necessary, at no additional charge, should problems arise inside.

This treatment philosophy is vastly different from the methods used by many other El Paso exterminators. Many companies want to service the interior of a home on every visit. We service inside only when necessary (or desired). For this reason, our treatment method is not only safer, but it is also more convenient for you because you aren’t required to be home if exterior service is all that is required.

Our Power Spray

What is a power spray? It’s where we take a 300 ft. hose around your home and declare war on scorpions, roaches, spiders, centipedes, and any other unfortunate soul currently residing on your property. We typically spray approximately six feet around the entire exterior of your home.

el-paso-residential-pest-control-exterior-sprayWe also treat along El Paso’s notorious rock walls. Around doors and windows? Check. Porches and eaves? Check. Along landscaping? You got it.

Why do we do this? Ask yourself these questions: Have you ever felt unimpressed when you see an exterminator carry a small jug around your home and he barely sprays anything? Why would you hire someone to do something you could do yourself? We can guess your answers. We know you expect more, and we deliver.

But doing a “power spray” is more than just a gimmick to impress. It’s what makes our service so effective, and it’s what allows us to keep treatments mostly on the exterior (see above). A power spray around the perimeter is also recommended on many insecticide labels as a surefire way to control tough pests like scorpions.

Power spray is one of the pest control services that we at Pest Defense Solutions provide along with many others and one of the other services is using top quality pesticides that are safe for you and your pets.