Pigeons are a huge nuisance in El Paso, TX. They were first introduced into the United States as domesticated birds, but some escaped and formed feral populations. They have invaded El Paso, and are found throughout the city, in both residential and industrial settings. These populations have continued to rely on humans for food and shelter in this urban environment. Pigeons will eat a wide variety of food, including trash, making them an extremely adaptable and hardy species.



Many pigeons prefer large, flat-roofed buildings in which to roost, so they are very common in commercial and industrial environments. Pigeon feces can cause costly damage to commercial buildings. Feces not only significantly damage roofing, but it can affect building siding and signage. Pest Defense Solutions offers a commercial pigeon baiting program and pest control system that is designed to scare pigeon flocks away from your facility. We offer one-time and routine baiting programs aimed at removing the pigeons, and keeping them away. We can also install a variety of devices to exclude them from ledges, signs, and other nesting/roosting areas.

Pigeons are found throughout El Paso’s residential neighborhoods, particularly in the newer developments around town. Many homeowners come to us in desperation because they “have tried everything” to get rid of their pigeon problem, and have failed. Delaying action is not advisable, as pigeon feces can damage your roof and the exterior finish of your home. Not only does pigeon feces damage your home, pigeon noise is also a common complaint that can cause sleepless nights. Pigeons can also attract mites and fleas, thus leading to other pest problems.


Fighting pigeons on your own rarely works. Gimmicky techniques such as mounting owls on your roof are almost always ineffective with pigeons. Shooting the birds…we’ll let you explain that one to your neighbors. Make the decision to hire a professional before it is too late. Eliminate the frustration and hire Pest Defense Solutions to use proven techniques to rid your home of pigeons. We offer a baiting program designed to scare them off of your entire roof. To exclude pigeons from nesting and roosting areas, we can install electric shock strips, spikes, nets, and other products to keep the pigeons off your roof. Cleaning your roof is extremely important because pigeon feces is highly acidic and can cause serious damage. Because of this, we offer a deep cleaning service to remove pigeon feces and nesting material. We will safely remove this hazardous material in a safe and effective way.

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