DSC_0937At Pest Defense Solutions, we know residential pest control in El Paso. That’s why hundreds of families across El Paso Texas and surrounding cities in Southern New Mexico trust us to keep them safe and pest free. We understand the fear and concern surrounding the unpleasant discovery of unwelcome intruders in your home. Some call this fumigation, fumigate or even fumigating pest control for your residence.

We cater to your desire to be proactive about preventing problems before they happen. We know that you demand a treatment that won’t harm your children or pets. We are here to help. Here’s how we offer the greatest value pest control service in town:

  1. We focus on treating the exterior of your home, and can therefore limit the number of treatments on the interior. Learn more.
  2. We do a “power spray” at every service. Learn more.
  3. We fully guarantee our treatments. Learn more.
  4. We use quality pesticides that are EPA registered. Learn more.
  5. We are locally owned and operated. Learn more.