pest-control-restaurant-serving-area-el-pasoThe stakes are high when dealing with pests in food service facilities. We know that a roach running up the restaurant wall will scare away customers, and that these unhappy customers may tell their friends all about it. Word travels fast in El Paso, TX, and that couldn’t be good for business. Furthermore, pests in the kitchen and food prep areas can spread germs and diseases that could pose a threat to your customers’ health and raise red flags to health officials. That is why you need to call us today for restaurant and food service pest control.

In perhaps no other commercial setting is routine pest control service more important than in food facilities. You can trust the professionals at Pest Defense Solutions El Paso to protect your facility from one of the greatest threats to your business. Our comprehensive pest control program covers everything from roaches to rodents. We use a variety of innovative products and techniques that are designed to mitigate the problem with minimal impact. We will do more than apply pesticides- we will work with you to limit harborage areas in your facility, and we will give recommendations on proper sanitation procedures. Our service is fully guaranteed, and we will do our part to ensure that your business stays protected.

Question: What are the common pests encountered in restaurants and commercial food facilities?restaurant-dining-area-bugs

Answer: Cockroaches are perhaps the most common, while flies, rodents, and ants are also common pests who thrive in these settings.

Question: What does Pest Defense Solutions do to exterminate cockroaches in food facilities?

Answer: German cockroaches are the most common roach species found in commercial settings, and we have a variety of techniques to combat these tough pests.
Before treatment begins, we will perform a thorough inspection, where we pay special attention to damp areas, drains, splash boards, cracks and crevices, cabinets, and garbage areas.

Roaches are opportunistic feeders that thrive on almost any food source, including grease found on appliances and floors or food spills. Because of this, we will make recommendations regarding sanitation practices that could be implemented to gain better control. Proper control in food facilities is a two way effort between us and our client.

restaurant-el-paso-roach-baitNext, we may place insect monitors around the facility in an effort to detect the population trends, which better help us direct our control methods. Our roach treatments typically include the use of baits, residual sprays, and insect growth regulators. This powerful combination of advanced chemistry products works together to effectively control roaches.

Question: What is an insect growth regulator?

Answer: Insect growth regulators (IGRs) are chemicals that affect the development and/or reproduction of insects. IGRs can hinder insect development to adulthood. If they don’t reproduce, there will be a breakdown in the reproductive cycle and a corresponding death of a population.

Also, IGRs can cause the insect’s development to be hindered in a way which causes outright death (ie. the insect stops producing an exoskeleton, it outgrows its own shell, and dies). IGRs can also cause infertility in insects, and they are labeled for use in kitchen areas. For these reasons, IGRs are powerful tools in the fight against insects in food preparation areas.

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