“’Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse…”

Clement Clarke Moore

mice-mouse-el-paso-texasIf mice ARE stirring in your home, you’ve come to the right place. With a simple call to Pest Defense Solutions, your rodent worries will be gone fast. Our pest control system for rodents is the best and we will get rid of all types of rodents that your business or residence is suffering from.

To some people, mice and rats are pets. For many, rodents are nothing more than a repulsive pest that is never welcome in a home. Rodents can quickly become enemy number one when their droppings are discovered or they are heard scratching in the walls.

So why are we wired to hate these cute, furry little critters? Truth is, it’s probably in our DNA. We are conditioned to be weary of their presence because they have posed a significant risk to mankind’s health and property for millennia.

Commensal rodents

Rodents that are dangerous and problematic to humans are known as “commensal” rodents. Commensal means “to share a table”, and rats and mice have wanted to share things with mankind for thousands of years. There are three commensal rodent species that are common enemies to man in almost all parts of the globe. These include house mice, Norway rats, and roof rats.

These rodents are especially dependent on humans. El Paso has other species that prefer to leave man alone, and they can be occasional invaders. These include field mice and pack rats, which tend to be more “wild”, but they can be opportunistic and exploit resources such as human food and shelter. It is not uncommon to find a field mouse wandering into your property here in El Paso, especially if you live on the outskirts of town in a developing subdivision or in “the country”.

Health and Economic Threat

Rodents pose a significant threat to human health. They have been responsible for the spread of many diseases throughout history which have resulted in countless deaths. Hantavirus, allergens, food-borne illnesses, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, typhoid, dysentery, and flea and tick associated diseases are all diseases associated with rodents. Because of modern day advancements in sanitation, better rodent control practices, and modern day medicine, these problems have largely been mitigated. But there is always a risk of new outbreaks. And besides, who knows where these little guys have been! Like insects, rats and mice can spread disease and filth throughout your Elrat-pest-control-el-paso-texas Paso Texas home, which makes rodent control especially important.

Rodents can pose a threat to human property. In both residential and commercial settings, they can damage the structure of buildings by gnawing and burrowing through ceilings, walls, and floors. They can chew through pipes and electrical wiring, and can damage computer and internet systems. Mice and rat feces, urine, and carcasses can rot building material and cause terrible odor problems. In commercial settings in particular, they can spoil food in warehouses, during transport, and at the point of sale.

Rodent Pest Control That Works

At Pest Defense Solutions El Paso, we are equipped with the tools and knowledge to assist you in implementing an effective rodent control plan. We use a variety of techniques to control these pesky little critters. We offer rodent baiting, exclusions, and trapping. We even offer a humane, no kill option for those sensitive to animal rights. Call us today to schedule your free inspection!

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