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Spiders are likely one of the most feared creatures of all time! The truth is, most spiders aren’t very dangerous or damaging to your home. Still, it’s easy to understand why so many people are afraid of arachnids. Inside your El Paso property, the house spiders you will likely encounter do not pose a threat.

So which spiders are dangerous in El Paso? There are three in particular that are more concerning: the black widow, brown recluse, and brown widow spiders. If you find any of these in or near your home, it’s always recommended to call your local spider exterminator at Pest Defense Solutions! 

How to tell apart black widows and brown recluses in El Paso TX - Pest Defense Solutions El PasoHow Dangerous Are Spiders in Texas?

By definition, spiders are venomous in that venom that is used to paralyze and kill other insects they prey upon. The good news is that the venom from your typical house spider won’t cause any serious symptoms. A bite from one of the below spiders can be much more dangerous, which is why it’s so important to be able to identify them:

  1. Black widow spider. Female black widows can be easily recognized by the red hourglass on the underside of the abdomen.
  2. Brown recluse spiders. The brown recluse spider can be identified by the darker brown hourglass on its back.
  3. Brown widow spider. Dark brown or black spiders can be identified by the orange or yellow hourglass shape on the abdomen.

What to do With Dangerous Spiders in El Paso TX

Seeing a spider or two from time to time is typically normal, especially house spiders. Thankfully, these house spiders are almost always harmless! In fact, indoor spiders will help keep the insect population inside your home under control and will avoid contact with you. If you notice any of the aforementioned spiders, however, it’s usually best to avoid contact and enlist the help of a professional spider exterminator.

Dangerous Spider Control

If you’ve spotted a black widow, brown recluse, or brown widow spider near your home in El Paso, it’s time to call a spider exterminator. At Pest Defense Solutions, we will look for conditions that invite spiders, tackle current infestations, and stop their life cycle to prevent future invaders. Get a free quote on our services today!

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Are Spiders Dangerous? in El Paso TX

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