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Termite Identification

There are several species of termites with different characteristics. Most termites are about  ½” and can vary from off-white to brown in color. Some termites, called swarmers, have wings that can be discarded.

In El Paso, the most prevalent termite is the subterranean termite, however, drywood and Formosan termites can also found in the area. Both species have the potential to cause extensive damage to homes and businesses.

The definite signs of a termite infestation include the sighting of swarming termites, shed wings, damaged wood or flooring, mud tubes on the perimeter of your home or building, and frass, also known as termite droppings.

In El Paso, termites are active year-round, although they generally swarm in the spring and summer months. Due to an increase in termite sightings, springtime is known as the swarming season.

The termite life cycle is unusual and consists of three castes. These castes include workers, soldiers, and reproductive termites. The caste and unique role of each termite will be determined depending on the needs of the colony.

Termites are a major structural pest throughout the United States. Termites thrive year-round in warmer, wet climates, making El Paso the perfect environment for these wood-destroying pests. 

Termites can reproduce rapidly and swarm in spring and summer, forming new colonies. Termite colonies can mature and enlarge over several years as they silently spread throughout the property they are infesting.

Termite Identification in El Paso TX

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