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How do termites spread in El Paso?

How do termites spread in El Paso TX - Pest Defense SolutionsCellulose is the organic fiber found within wood, and termites will infest any structure constructed from wood. The largest threat posed by termites is their ability to spread quietly over months and years, before being discovered.

A persistent and secretive pest, termites work underground or within wood, most often undetected. Their ability to spread rapidly is caused by the following factors and conducive conditions:

  • Availability of cellulose sources
  • Presence of wood in contact with soil
  • Amount of moisture present
  • Climate and regional factors
  • Age and size of the colony

How Quickly Do Termites Spread?

Termites eat non-stop, 24 hours a day. A mature termite colony can consume up to a pound of wood per day. Since termite infestations tend to go undetected for years, their population grows and subsequent damage worsens. Termite colonies can contain anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of insects, and queen termites can lay as many as 30,000 eggs in a single day! Termites spread into new colonies by traveling through underground mud tubes or cracks in the walls, and by swarming to create new colonies.

Will I Get Termites From My Neighbors?

If you see your neighbors’ property tented for termites, it’s understandable that you may question if your home has also been infested. Generally, neighboring homes that were built simultaneously or with already-damaged wood, tend to have a higher chance of experiencing infestations at the same time. Keep in mind that termite infestations are unpredictable. Consequently, if you observe a tent over your neighbor’s home, there’s little reason to be alarmed.  By taking preventative measures and scheduling an inspection, you can stay on top of any termite activity in your home.

The Spread of Termite Infestations

The largest concern associated with termites is their ability to spread in a home undetected.  Although they won’t infest an entire neighborhood, if your neighbor has an active infestation, it would be wise to consult a professional termite control company for an inspection. Professionals can help safeguard your home from infestations year-round.

How do termites spread in El Paso TX? in El Paso TX

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