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What termites are in El Paso?

Termites require warmer weather for their survival, and the mild year-round temperatures of El Paso allow termites to thrive. There are nearly 2,000 termite species worldwide, however, only 40 species live in the United States.

The following termites are most often found in El Paso:

  1. Subterranean Termites
  2. Formosan Termites
  3. Drywood Termites
What Termites Are in El Paso TX - Pest Defense Solutions

Common Termites in El Paso

Our mild climate is attractive to termites. The following three termites create the most damage for property owners in and around the El Paso area:

  1. Subterranean Termites are the most widespread species across North America, costing homeowners and building owners as much as $5 billion annually in repairs, treatments, and prevention. They are generally smaller than Formosan termites and need contact with the soil to survive. 
  2. Formosan Termites are the most aggressive and potentially destructive termite species. They live in large colonies that share interconnected foraging galleries in soil. Generally invades structures from the ground, attracted to wood items that contact the soil.
  3. Drywood Termites. Unlike subterranean termites, drywood termites do not need contact with soil to survive. They prefer to nest above ground in dryer wood, often in wall supports or roof materials.

What Type of Termite Do I Have?

Termites nest and live within wood structures and underground areas, making them difficult to detect. The sight of swarming termites is an indication of an infestation. Properly identifying the type of termite infestation on your property should be left to a trained professional with the experience to diagnose infestations. If you suspect termites in your home, it is recommended to enlist the help of a termite control company such as Pest Defense Solutions.

What termites are in El Paso TX? in El Paso TX

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