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How Do I Get Rid of Termites?

To eliminate a termite infestation, it’s important to enlist the help of a licensed professional termite control company. Only a professional exterminator can perform and carry out the best termite treatments.

With several options to choose from, what’s the best termite treatment available? Typically, liquid termite treatments and bait stations are considered the best options to eliminate termites. Other pest control companies may use fumigation, orange oil, and other treatments to assist in the termite extermination process.

How do I rid of termites in my home in my El Paso home? Pest Defense Solutions

Does DIY Termite Treatment Work?

Although it may be tempting, getting rid of termites on your own is not recommended. Termite control requires the knowledge, experience, and skills possessed by a professional who can effectively treat termites on your property. Common DIY solutions to eliminate termites include traps and baiting, orange oil, heat or cold treatments, boric acid, and more. These alternative treatments may seem effective in preventing termites, but they’ll never work to control an entire infestation. To get rid of termites quickly and effectively, always enlist the help of a professional termite exterminator.

Can I Get Rid of Termites Myself?

Liquid treatments and baiting systems are the industry’s best termite treatments, and both are considered to have high success rates in eliminating termites.

  1. Benefits of Fumigation and Liquid Treatments
    • Liquid treatments can provide long-term protection from termites; some lasting as long as 13 years.
    • These treatments are low-odor, easily tracked by termites, and control other types of household pests.
    • Liquid treatments rarely need to be reapplied by your pest control company.
  2. Benefits of Baiting Stations
    • The bait utilized in bait stations is highly attractive to termites and will effectively attract the insects towards the station.
    • Baiting is regularly monitored by a pest control expert, meaning your property will be regularly inspected for termites.
    • Bait stations are placed inconspicuously around the perimeter of your home where they can not be easily seen or tampered with.

How to Get Rid of All Termites Inside Your Home

When you notice signs of termites in your El Paso home, don’t wait to call a professional pest control company. Although you may find articles online about DIY termite control, it just isn’t an option when you have an active infestation. The experts at Pest Defense Solutions can get rid of all termites in your home or business safely and efficiently. 

How do I get rid of termites? in El Paso TX

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