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How Often Should My Home Be Treated For Termites in El Paso?

Annual termite inspections performed by a licensed pest professional are recommended to protect your El Paso home or business from termites. 

It doesn’t matter if your home is brand new or centuries old, regular termite inspections are important to prevent future infestations. Ignoring the threats posed by a termite infestation can lead to expensive repairs. Addressing a full-blown infestation is far more costly than investing in routine inspections. To protect your home from termites, it is highly recommended to invest in regular inspections from a professional pest control company.


How Often Should My Home Be Treated For Termites In El Paso TX? Pest Defense Solutions

Annual Termite Treatment: Is It Necessary?

Yearly termite inspections are important, however, you may not need to have your home treated each year. The termite professionals at Pest Defense Solutions can determine the type of treatment and schedule that will work best for your unique infestation. It’s important to leave the hard work to the experts when it comes to deciding how often your home should be treated for termites.

How to Stay Termite-Free Between Treatments

Although termite treatments may have been applied or installed in your home, there are actions you can take to make your property less attractive to termites in general. Preventative measure include:

  • Eliminate sources of standing water in or near the home.
  • Store piles of lumber or firewood away from your property or raised above the ground.
  • Regularly inspect your deck, patio, or outdoor furniture for signs of damage.
  • Remove decaying trees, branches, and debris from your yard.

How Often is Termite Control Necessary?

While you may believe your property is safe from termites, a regular visit from your local termite exterminator is a wise preventative measure. This helps ensure treatments are working properly and can ensure no new termite activity flares up.

How often should my home be treated for termites in El Paso TX? in El Paso TX

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