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Is Termite Treatment Covered by Insurance in El Paso?

Generally, termite damage and the costs associated with termite treatments and prevention are not covered by insurance companies in El Paso.

In most cases, homeowners’ insurance policies provide protection against property damage. However, policies almost never cover damage considered to be accidental or preventable. Most companies consider termites to be preventable. While insurance doesn’t cover termite treatment, there are additional measures available to protect your property from termite problems.

Is termite treatment covered by insurance in El Paso TX? Pest Defense Solutions

Why is Termite Treatment Not Covered by Insurance?

Insurance companies consider termite-related issues to be preventable and almost never cover termite problems in their policies. Termite damage happens slowly, over time instead of suddenly or accidentally, which is generally the case when homes are damaged by a fire or storm. Although your insurance policy may not cover preventative termite treatment, it’s smart to establish regular service from a professional pest control company. The costs associated with preventative termite treatments will always be less than the costs to repair significant termite damage. 

Termite Treatment Costs for Homes in El Paso

When planning to buy or sell a home in El Paso with a history of termites, you may questions who is responsible for the costs of treatment. In general, the process is as follows:

  • In most states, the seller of the home must pay for termite inspections.
  • If past or present termite activity is detected, the seller is typically responsible for covering treatment either up-front or in closing costs.
  • The property buyer is most often responsible for anything considered to be termite prevention for the future.

What Are Termite Bonds?

When the costs of covering termite damage aren’t covered by your insurance, termite bonds can provide a solution. A termite bond is a warranty between you and your pest control company and will cover any damage caused by termites. The belief is that with regular treatment and prevention made possible by the termite bond, termite infestations will not become an issue. Contact Pest Defense Solutions today to learn about our termite bonds.

Is termite treatment covered by insurance in El Paso TX? in El Paso TX

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