You love your dogs and cats. But you may love them less when they bring fleas and ticks into your home. Not only do fleas and ticks pose a health risk to your pets, but they can harm your human family. We have the top flea and tick pest control in El Paso, that you need to call and use if you are having a problem with fleas and ticks. These pests possess piercing-sucking mouth parts that Flea-and-tick-pest-control-El-Pasocan penetrate skin and suck human and animal blood. Both insects are considered parasites because of their reliance on a warm-blooded host to survive. Fleas have powerful legs that allow them to jump a great distance relative to body size, and ticks are also well adapted to hitch-hike on animals and humans.

Pest Defense Solutions of El Paso utilizes a variety of techniques to rid your El Paso home and property of blood sucking ticks and fleas. We offer both whole-yard and targeted treatments aimed at killing all life stages of these parasites. Our products will disrupt the flea and tick reproductive cycle, so that future problems are minimized. We will enlist your help to create a treatment plan that actually works!

Question: What do I need to do to prepare for a flea and tick treatment?

Answer: For yard treatments, make sure to remove all toys from your yard. Also, make sure to remove any items that you would commonly touch, such as garden tools. Be prepared to have your dog in a crate or kennel during treatment. For interior treatments, clean your house as much as possible. Focus on removing any pet hair that has accumulated. It’s also a good idea to vacuum your pet’s bed and all carpets thoroughly. Cleaning will go a long way inflea-pest-control-el-paso-texas improving the effectiveness of the treatment.

Perhaps the most important thing you can do to improve the efficacy of the treatment is to treat your pet directly with an approved tick and flea shampoo immediately after we treat the property. In addition to a good bath, consider using an ointment such as Frontline for long term control of fleas and ticks on your pet. Treating your pet is important to preventing re-infestations from occurring.

Question: Do you have to spray the inside of my house?

Answer: If you allow your pets indoors, or if we find fleas or ticks inside, we will most likely recommend an interior treatment. If your dogs or cats are exclusively outdoor animals, an exterior treatment is usually all that is necessary.

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