El Paso’s location on the border positions our city as an international trade hub. This trade and industry means a lot of warehouses and industrial manufacturing facilities. When trucks and trains arrive, they are often bringing more than just goods. Insects and rodents can hitch-hike on the truck or train and cause problems at your facility. So we can help with warehouse and industrial pest control in the El Paso, Texas area.

Potential For Damage

warehouse-pest-control-el-pasoThey have the potential to damage your merchandise and terrorize your employees. Pests can also move in from the surrounding facilities through exterior entry points. In industrial facilities, prevention is critical, and we will help you make a plan to stop problems before they happen.

Question: What does Pest Defense Solutions do about pests that are hiding among merchandise in the warehouse?

Answer: Simply spraying along the outside perimeter of a facility will not do much to target pests that are living in the harborage areas in the center of the warehouse. Black widow spiders, roaches, crickets, and a variety of other insect pests can find safe haven in between boxes and equipment.

Fogging Service

For this reason, Pest Defense Solutions offers El Paso warehouses a fogging service. We will use “ghost buster-like” motorized backpack sprayers to shoot a fog of insecticide throughout your facility. These fine particles of insecticide will find their way into the cracks and crevices where insects hide, and kill them on contact.

The great thing about this service is that the fog won’t leave any pesticide residues after it dries, so you don’t have to worry about your employees contacting pesticides when they are touching merchandise or other surfaces that were fogged.

Question: What can warehouse personnel do to prevent infestations?

Answer: Warehouse staff must be vigilant in detecting and reporting pests. When shipments come in, there must be a protocol set for thorough inspections. Employees should inspect all parts of pallets. They should look at the shrinkindustrial-pest-control-el-paso wrap and between packages.

Inspection of Shipment

They should inspect all possible angles of a shipment, and when possible, move product around to access as much of the shipment as possible. Once the shipment is unloaded, o the trailer for signs of live pests, carcasses, or rodent droppings. Trailers should also be inspected before loading new shipments. Above all, shipments should be rejected if signs of infestations exist. This will protect your facility and protect you from purchasing tainted products.

It is not practical, through your own efforts, to prevent all pest problems in your facility. So that’s where we come in. We will work with you to provide preventative and remedial treatments that will help ensure smooth operations for years to come.

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