A weed is by definition a plant out of place, and there are plenty of weeds in El Paso. The warm climate, windy conditions, and long growing season, among other things, contribute to an abundance of weeds. At Pest Defense Solutions, we regard weeds as green pests, and we are here to help you rid your yard of these unsightly plants. We offer weed control services for your entire yard, including your lawn.


Dirt and gravel areas

We can treat you desert landscaping to kill the weeds and keep them from coming back. We will use a post-emergent herbicide similar to Round-Up to kill any weeds that are currently in the yard. Pre-emergent herbicides will also be applied to help prevent germination of new seeds. Our treatments will therefore kill your weeds, and help keep them from growing back. Control can last for up to three months, and many customers have us perform 3-4 treatments per year.

Lawn herbicide treatments

Weed control in lawns is most effectively achieved by cultivating a strong, healthy turf through proper watering, fertilizing, and mowing. Our weed control services are designed to compliment your efforts. Post-emergent herbicides are designed to kill existing weeds. We use post-emergent herbicides that are selective enough to kill weeds in your lawn but won’t hurt your grass. Pre-emergent herbicides will also be broadcast throughout your lawn to prevent new weed growth.

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