Wouldn’t you like to keep every one of your residents happy and healthy? Wouldn’t you like them to brag about their apartment community to their friends? Wouldn’t you like to have them as residents for years to come? All this is highly unlikely if they are forced to live with roaches…or rats…mice…bed bugs…or fear.

At Pest Defense Solutions, we wouldn’t want to live with uninvited guests either. We have families, and we can relate to your tenants. And we can relate to YOUR desire to take care of your tenants. You can do this by hiring us to exterminate pests throughout your apartment community.

How do we do it?

apartment-pest-control-el-pasoIt all starts with communication- communication between your staff, residents, and us. We strive to educate your tenants on measures they can take to minimize pest issues. We listen to their concerns. We take the time to inspect every room in which problems are reported.

Apartment Pest Control in El Paso, Texas

When we treat, we take the time necessary to do a thorough job. When we service your apartment community, our technicians are paid hourly, and are thus incentivized to spend MORE time doing what they came to do- get rid of your pests. Our service is NEVER a race from unit to unit. Your tenants will feel like we actually did something when we enter their home for a treatment. We guarantee it.

Question: What can my residents do to minimize pest problems in my apartment community?

Implement These Practices by Your Tenants

Answer: Your tenants can implement some of the following practices:

  • Keep a clean apartment.
  • Get rid of all unnecessary clutter because “stuff” provides harborage (hiding) places for pests.el-paso-apartment-condo-pest-service
  • Clean the kitchen thoroughly. Wash and dry dishes soon after meals, and minimize food spills and moisture in the kitchen.
  • Keep trash in a trash can with a tight fitting lid and frequently remove trash from the apartment.
  • Fix any leaks or moisture sources in the apartment.
  • Sweep and vacuum frequently to minimize food particles, especially if children and pets reside in the apartment.
  • Be careful about staying in hotels where bed bugs may be present. Also, stay vigilant for bed bugs so that the problem can be addressed quickly before it becomes a large infestation.
  • Report all pest problems to the office immediately when they are discovered.

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Apartment pest control of El Paso is just one of the commercial extermination/pest control services but we also do office and retail pest control in El Paso.