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When it comes to bed bug removal, it’s important to use the most effective, fast-acting bed bug treatments on the market. At Pest Defense Solutions, one of our trained bed bug exterminators will thoroughly inspect your home, implement a solution, and monitor activity to ensure our bed bug treatments are successful. Our bed bug treatment options work to control active infestations in your home, providing you with peace of mind that your property is left bed bug-free!

Extreme heat pest control

Treating bed bugs with heat, or thermal remediation involves the use of extreme heat measures to kill off bed bugs. The use of specially designed, heat-generating equipment creates and maintains a precise high temperature that keeps bed bugs from surviving and their eggs from hatching. Thermal remediation is safe, environmentally responsible, and less invasive than other types of bed bug treatment.

Does bed bugs fumigation work?

Fumigation is the most aggressive and effective treatment option for bed bugs. During this process, the entire property is secured and sealed while the interior is treated with a product called Vikane. Due to the fact that this has a higher cost and is inconvenient for the property owner, fumigation is only recommended for extremely serious infestations. When you call the exterminators at Pest Defense Solutions, we will help determine whether or not this will be necessary.

Professional bed bug treatment options

No matter how serious your bed bug problem is, our exterminators will work hard to determine the best treatment for your property. After we provide effective bed bug removal, we will work to ensure you are protected against future infestations as well!

Our bed bug exterminators will continue to treat your property until the problem is solved—guaranteed. For a bed bug-free home in El Paso, give our team a call!

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Bed Bug Treatment Options in El Paso TX

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