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Are Mosquitoes Attracted to Light?

Mosquitoes are most active when the light is low – dusk and dawn. In the daytime, they prefer to hang out in shadier areas. Mosquitoes use light to find their hosts, but they do not process light the same way we do.

They like to navigate by using the moon and stars for natural light. Artificial lights, then, can work as a disorienting deterrent to mosquitoes flying near our homes.

Are Mosquitoes Attracted To Light in El Paso Texas - Pest Defense Solutions

Are Mosquitoes Drawn to Ultraviolet or LED Lights?

Many traps that you’ll find in stores contain a light source that is meant to attract insects. However, this does not work on mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are not attracted to ultraviolet or LED light any more than they are to normal lights. LEDs actually radiate less warmth than other common light sources, making them particularly unattractive.

What Colors Attract Mosquitoes?

One tested method of repelling mosquitoes is wearing brightly colored clothing. Clothes with darker tones allow mosquitoes and other insects to hone in on you easily. This is because wearing darker clothing traps heat in your body, attracting mosquitoes with the warmth and your amplified natural scent. Wearing lighter colors will both deter mosquitoes and lower your body temperature by reflecting sunlight away.

How to Deter Mosquitoes Using Light

While certain lights can help repel some types of mosquitoes, light in general neither deters nor attracts mosquitoes. They simply use light sources to aid their navigation. This means that insect-repelling lights that you can find in stores are better used to deter other kinds of bugs. Always consult a professional pest control expert to determine the proper plan to make your home less vulnerable to mosquitoes in El Paso.

Are Mosquitoes Attracted To Light?​ in El Paso TX

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