The Dangers of Squirrels

close up of squirrel in nature yawning

Squirrels don’t look threatening at first. With their big eyes and large, bushy tails, they look akin to a stuffed animal brought to life. You may even have stifleda laugh when you saw the title of this blog post. “The Dangers of Squirrels”? What danger can come from these cute-looking things?

We’ll be honest when we say that squirrels won’t cause the same kind of damage as a lion or bear. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t wild animals. Though as a whole they still see humans as a threat and are not likely to approach or attack, feeding habits have made them more aggressive. So as the boundaries between human and squirrel-kind increasingly blur, it’s important to see the extent of their potential impact on our lives.

Squirrel in the Wild

Rabies can be contracted by any warm-blooded mammal, and that includes squirrels. However, cases of squirrels with rabies are pretty rare. That doesn’t mean an attack is completely out of the question  though. It’s happening more and more that these nut-loving creatures are lashing out on unsuspecting passers-by. And while they may not have rabies, they could carry ringworm, or be host to infected fleas or ticks. Parasitic pests have their own problems and can pass along diseases such as:

  • Encephalitis
  • Lyme Disease
  • Salmonella
  • Tularemia

Whatever the case, if a squirrel bites you, your pet, or someone you know, it’s best to get to a hospital right away.

Squirrel in the Home

You may be able to make your peace with squirrels outside your window or in the local park, but what do you do when they cross into your property? Squirrels are surprisingly intelligent and can take advantage of even the smallest gap in your home, ending up in your attic or between your walls. You’ll hear them scratching and chittering, and if you let them roam unattended to, they could cause a lot of trouble.

They could chew on wiring and insulation, which may result in an electrical fire. Their urine and droppings can damage your home’s foundation and irritate anyone with respiratory illnesses. And, to put it simply, a squirrel nest in your home is stressful and unpleasant for everyone involved. If you’re faced with an infestation, you don’t need a list of everything that could go wrong – you just want answers. And that’s exactly what Pest Defense Solutions has to offer.

Wildlife Control in El Paso

It’s not enough to simply remove squirrels in the average El Paso home. If there is a vulnerability in your home, it’s essentially an open door for any pests or nuisance wildlife in the area. That’s why, at Pest Defense Solutions, we offer wildlife control and exclusion methods that will seal your home off from the Great Outdoors. It’s a more humane school of strategy that often doesn’t even require pesticides. If you want to learn more and get your free quote, contact Pest Defense Solutions today!